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Home and living

Light for the home.

Individual lighting for a cozy ambience.


Light makes a house a home.

Our own four walls are an important part of our lives. Only the right lighting makes them a comfortable home where we can feel at ease, find peace, regenerate, but also work, celebrate and have fun. It all comes down to a balance of light and shade, direct and indirect, high-contrast and low-contrast lighting. The color temperature of the light plays just as important a role as the brightness and the type of light source. In short: light needs planning.

Lighting solutions for every activity.

Brumberg develops the right lighting concepts to make people feel at home. The basis is good basic lighting: QualityFlex LED flex panels provide indirect, unobtrusive light. Lighting scenarios with recessed ceiling spotlights bring the room to life. Accent lighting is important: the interplay of light and shadow, light and dark, warm and cold, soft and hard. Brumberg offers a wide range of lighting solutions for every activity, matched to the respective user behavior.

Light creates atmosphere.

Light influences our well-being for better or worse. Light for living is different from light for working. The interplay between natural and artificial light is a challenge in itself. Only the right light creates atmosphere and gives the room the intended value. Moisture and vapor formation in the kitchen and bathroom set their own standards, as do aspects of wellness and energy efficiency.

Basic lighting.

Basic lighting is the foundation of a well-designed lighting plan and is essential for creating a pleasant and functional atmosphere in any room. It plays a crucial role in everyday activities such as reading, cooking, working or relaxing. In addition, ambient lighting contributes significantly to the feeling of space and can make the room seem larger and more open. Especially in small rooms, well-placed and uniform lighting can help avoid visual constrictions.

Accent Lighting.

Accent lighting is a creative way to specifically highlight certain architectural areas or objects in a room and give them special attention. Unlike ambient lighting, which uniformly illuminates the entire room, accent lighting sets targeted lighting accents, creating a fascinating atmosphere. Cleverly placed accent lights can bring pieces of furniture, artwork, architectural features or other interesting elements into focus. It allows to direct mood and focus in a room and give it character.

Our products for your home.

Art. no. 13923183
from 1699,90 € *

BIRO CIRCLE LED pendant ring light, direct, switchable, 1.200 mm

Available in 5 variants
Art. no. 77233074
from 619,90 € *

BIRO40 LED pendant profile luminaire direct

Available in 9 variants
Art. no. 38484153
from 82,90 € *

BB23 LED recessed spot set, IP65, on/off switchable

Available in 2 variants
Art. no. 38488173
from 75,90 € *

BB25 LED recessed spot set, IP65, on/off switchable

Available in 2 variants
Art. no. 88816183
from 94,90 € *

TRAXX MICRO LED surface mounted spot, on/off switchable

Available in 8 variants
Art. no. 58140080
from 589,90 € *

DEBILIS Floor light, with fabric shade

Art. no. 0063.80
from 38,50 € *

TIRRELdeep Recessed spot, GX5,3

Available in 2 variants

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