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Lighting designers with passion.

Elektro-Hilbricht GmbH from Norderstedt has been a Brumberg Competence Partner for 10 years. So it was natural for Mario Hilbricht, managing director of Elektro Hilbricht, to rely on Brumberg lighting solutions for the lighting design in his own four walls and to exhaust the possibilities in the field of dynamic lighting. Particularly in the heart of the house, the open-plan living, dining and kitchen area measuring around 130 square meters, the lighting had to be easily adaptable to the various needs of the family.

Seven lighting scenarios.

At the beginning of the elaborate lighting design, Mario Hilbricht first defined five lighting scenarios based on the different family activities: Working, eating, watching TV, fireside, starting the day. Each activity requires an individual lighting scene, defined not only by brightness but also by color temperature. In order to implement these lighting scenes, Brumberg's TunableWhite LED flex boards QualityFlex and dim2warm LED recessed spotlights were used in particular. The TunableWhite solution combines cool white and warm white LED chips that generate the desired white light temperature via 2-channel dimming. When dimmed, the dim2warm LED recessed spotlights change not only the light intensity but also the color temperature. The challenge now was to integrate the individual luminaires into the respective lighting scenario. The system is connected to the KNX building control system for simple and trouble-free operation. Among other things, this has the great advantage that additional light switches can be dispensed with and the lighting scenarios can be selected simply by panel, smartphone or pushbutton. If the family is sitting at the dining table, it is brightly illuminated, while the living and kitchen areas are dimmed down. If the family starts the day in the morning, a very bright 6,000 Kelvin white light helps them wake up. The effect is supported in the bathroom by the vitaLED lighting system.

Project: Interior design multi-family house

Client: Mario Hilbricht

Lighting design: Mario Hilbricht

Products: TunableWhite LED-flex boards QualityFlex®, dimm2warm LED-recessed spotlights, LED wall mounted luminaire move it, DALI LED dimmer

Scope of services: consulting, product delivery

Fields of application:
Home | Living


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